The Baseplan Enterprise system integrates equipment rental management software that has been designed to provide process control from initial call to quoting, to reservations, deliveries, pick-ups, stand-downs and payment processing. The Baseplan ERP solution provides software whereby contracts are centralized with profitability increased by ensuring invoice calculations are correct and not missed. Additional revenue is gained with automatic CPI increases and excess usage billed.

The Baseplan ERP Solution provides enhanced rental management software in several key areas:

  • Project Costing: The project costing module allows the company to create projects for customers estimating the costs and revenue for a particular job and the timeframe for the job.
  • Transport Management System: To further enhance the rental experience, the Baseplan Transport Management system can be integrated with the rental process. Security controlled access to the module can be set enabling rental staff to have full access but restrict sales staff to ready-only access.
  • Rental with Operator: Equipment and resources can be planned and allocated to rental contracts and billed based on time, engine hours or employee-entered dockets. In addition, multi-line dockets deliver the capability to charge for multiple resources and types of work on a single invoice.
  • Long-Term Contract Management: The ERP solution also allows for contracts to be set up to manage CPI, renewal dates and staggered delivery schedules with flexible billing options.