Modernising Operations
for Sustainable Growth

In 1948, Kennards Hire had its humble beginnings when a store owner, Walter Kennard, responded to a customer’s request for a concrete mixer with a novel idea – “I can’t loan it to you, but I’ll hire it to you.” Over the decades, Kennards Hire evolved into one of Australia and New Zealand’s premier hire companies, with a network of over 190 locations across the countries.

As the business expanded, it faced the challenge of modernising its operations to accommodate growth, streamline processes, and enhance customer service.

Kennards Hire was experiencing a daily drain on valuable staff time as they grappled with numerous requests for reports and information from their back-office system. In essence, the existing system was causing inefficiencies within the business. This technological bottleneck hindered the company’s ability to respond swiftly to customer inquiries and impeded efforts to boost revenue through improved overall efficiency.

We needed a comprehensive solution that could seamlessly integrate our back-office functions and front counter software requirements. The goal was to replace multiple systems with a single, integrated software application.

Daniel Haskins
IT Operations Manager, Kennards Hire

Implementing Baseplan
for Seamless Operations

In 2008, Kennards Hire took a significant step forward by implementing Baseplan, an ERP business management solution tailored for the hire, rental fleet, and dealer management industries. This decision aimed to simplify their operations and improve efficiency.

Hailing from Australia and New Zealand, Kennards sought a solution that not only had an intimate understanding of the local market but also possessed the technological prowess to compete on a global scale. Baseplan emerged as the natural choice, having carved out a formidable reputation in its home markets of Australia and New Zealand. Simultaneously, it had risen to prominence as the preferred ERP solution for international enterprises in the United States and Asia.

Daniel Haskins explained, “We chose Baseplan because it offered an all-in-one solution that not only addressed our back-office needs but also catered to our front counter requirements. This eliminated the need for complex system integration.”

Kennards Hire collaborated closely with Baseplan during the implementation process. Haskins mentioned, “We fine-tuned our processes, received valuable feedback from test branches, and worked closely with Baseplan’s team to make necessary adjustments. They understood our specific requirements and delivered customised solutions.”

A lot of reporting which previously the branches had to request from the back office is now readily accessible to branch staff. They are more empowered by Baseplan.

Daniel Haskins
IT Operations Manager, Kennards Hire

A Successful Partnership Leading to Ongoing Improvements

Kennards Hire’s enduring partnership with Baseplan spans over 14 years, marking a journey of continual success since the initial implementation. Today, every facet of their business operates seamlessly through the Baseplan system, a collaboration that has proven mutually beneficial.

With Baseplan as their integrated ERP solution, Kennards Hire underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving from 120 branches to an expansive network of over 190 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Enhanced Business Efficiency

Baseplan streamlined operations, enabling Kennards Hire to efficiently manage and track critical business information.

Centralised Operations for Branches

New and established branches now operate from a unified, centralised system, fostering cohesion and consistency across the organisation.

Significant Time Savings

By replacing manual data requests with automated processes, Baseplan saved the company countless hours of staff time each week, allowing resources to be utilised more effectively.

Long-Term Technology Partnership

Kennards Hire established a robust and enduring relationship with a trusted technology partner, Baseplan, enabling them to adapt and thrive in a dynamic business landscape.

The collaborative journey between Kennards Hire and Baseplan exemplifies the transformative power of technology in achieving sustained growth and operational excellence.

The implementation of Baseplan revolutionised Kennards Hire’s operations and enabled them to scale at pace over the last 15 years. Haskins highlighted, “Baseplan’s intuitive interface made it easy for our staff to adapt. Over the years, we’ve seen continuous improvements through regular software upgrades, each adding valuable functionality.”

Kennards Hire has not rested on its laurels. Haskins noted, “Even after 14 years of working together, we are still exploring and deploying additional capabilities of Baseplan. The relationship is definitely more of a partnership than a traditional customer relationship. That has really helped our business iterate and grow.”

Baseplan continues to provide a tightly integrated product supporting the critical functions of our business. The value lies in the partnership, where we work closely with Baseplan on solutions tailored to meet our requirements.

Stuart Dean
Chief Operations Officer, Kennards Hire

The strong partnership between Kennards Hire and Baseplan has been instrumental in their ongoing success. Haskins emphasised, “Regular meetings with our Baseplan account manager and daily phone contact ensure that we remain in sync. Baseplan listens to our feedback and delivers solutions promptly.”

Looking ahead, Daniel Haskins expressed confidence in Baseplan’s software, saying, “There are growth paths for us with the Baseplan. We have the flexibility to adopt additional modules as needed. It’s a powerful system that empowers our branch managers with vital information.”

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