JLG Industries:
Elevating Support Systems
with Baseplan

Challenge: Elevating After-Sales Support and Efficiency

In Australia’s fiercely competitive access equipment market, product quality and innovation are essential, but they must be complemented by exceptional after-sales support. JLG Industries, with a stellar 25-year track record, aimed to enhance customer service for vertical mast lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, lighting towers, telehandlers, and stock pickers. Their goal was to provide top-tier support to customers across various regions, including cities, rural areas, and resource sites, all while optimising internal efficiency and profitability.

In 2008, JLG recognised the need to upgrade their support systems. They embarked on a quest to find a comprehensive operating system that could meet their evolving requirements. Their search led them to Baseplan, initiating a transformative journey in customer support services.

“JLG had outgrown our previous operating system and set out to find other options. In 2008, we contracted Baseplan to implement a total operating system, which included CRM for our sales team, IVT for our field service and administration staff, all the way through to full financial integration.” – Simone Klingberg, IT Manager, JLG Industries

Baseplan’s collaboration with JLG Industries began with pilot programs in 2008, encompassing CRM, IVT, and financial modules. By 2009, the full Baseplan package went live, spanning parts, service, sales, and finance. The implementation allowed JLG Industries to enhance not only customer support but also their internal processes, including financial management.

With Baseplan’s help, we are also able to implement processes to feed the local accounting data back to our American parent company’s accounting system in a format it can use. We’re sending back our month-end and year-end financials at the touch of a button.

Simone Klingber
IT Manager, JLG Industries

Solution: IVT Units for Efficiency Gains

One of the pivotal elements of JLG’s transformation was the deployment of Advanced In Van Terminal (IVT) units in their field service vans, closely integrated with the Baseplan system. These IVTs revolutionised response times and first-time fix rates by providing field service technicians with real-time access to job-related information.

“The most recent addition to Baseplan was our sister company, Aluminium Scaffolds, a manufacturer and renter of aluminium scaffolding. Aluminium Scaffolds commenced trading on Baseplan in July 2012 using a separate standalone database.” – Simone Klingber, IT Manager, JLG Industries

The IVTs simplified tasks with touch-screen menus, wireless barcode scanners, and compact thermal printers. Barcode scanners ensured precise parts information entry, updating equipment service histories, and generating accurate invoices. Technicians could also produce job dockets and time sheets, improving customer interaction.

“Baseplan and the IVTs provide a system that gives the real-time status of every service job booked with JLG. In turn, that allows the company’s service administrators to respond rapidly to changing priorities with improved scheduling of technicians.” – Simone Klingberg, IT Manager, JLG Industries

Results: A Total Operating System with Ongoing Improvements

With the IVT function firmly integrated, JLG Industries aimed to further enhance efficiency within their branch service workshops by introducing In-Workshop Terminals (IWTs). These terminals, linked to Baseplan, eliminated paperwork in workshops and streamlined operations.

The dynamic relationship between JLG Industries and Baseplan is exemplified by their weekly meetings, reflecting a deep understanding of JLG’s business needs. Future plans include developing a mobile stock solution for the spare parts division, further reducing paper usage and increasing operational efficiency.

“As the business grows and changes, we will look to Baseplan to provide further solutions for us.” – Simone Klingberg, IT Manager, JLG Industries

Baseplan allows us to accurately measure our business, to set up KPIs in terms of efficiency, and in the end, that really helps us to improve our support to our customers. It links all the operations of our business from our people in the field to our back office staff. For us, Baseplan has become a total operating system.

General Manager, JLG Industries

Unified Operating System

Baseplan served as a comprehensive operating system, covering CRM, IVT, and financial modules, streamlining all aspects of JLG’s business.

Real-time Field Service

The deployment of IVT units in service vans enabled quicker response times, improved first-time fix rates, and enhanced customer service.

Efficient Workshops

In-Workshop Terminals (IWTs) eliminated paperwork in branch service workshops, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Ongoing Collaboration

Weekly meetings with Baseplan fostered a dynamic relationship, allowing for continuous improvements and customised solutions.


Baseplan’s flexibility and adaptability position JLG Industries to meet evolving business needs and challenges effectively.

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