Developed for equipment hire and rental, Baseplan Software has been tailored specifically to address the unique needs of forklift companies. Our total business management solution offers your forklift business the tools and resources it needs to succeed in an industry that is constantly evolving.
At a glance, using Baseplan’s business management software, staff gain full transparency from enquiry to invoicing. From sales, to asset management, to service and maintenance, down to accounting, Baseplan connects every department to streamline every aspect of your business.


Manage the entire sales lifecycle from enquiry management to delivery of each forklift. Baseplan’s Sales Quote module allows the selection and configuration of forklifts including factory options, dealer fit accessories and extras. Sales and Rental calculators provide multiple options for quoting and quotes can be printed and supplied to the customer straight out of the Baseplan system.


Once the sale is won, the order seamlessly transitions across to the order fulfilment system where it is ordered, tracked, and prepared for sale. Integrated Pre-Delivery Work Orders allow for the linking of locally ordered attachments and accessories for the forklift to be linked to the PD for better tracking. All of this linked in real-time through the finance system and back to the sales department via the original quote. Complete business transparency.


Baseplan removes all operational delays due to manual invoice generation. Once the forklift is ready to be delivered, a Tax Invoice can be automatically produced with all of the specifications and details displayed. The forklift is also then updated in the Equipment Register for tracking of after-sales services and warranty management. An integrated Transport system also manages the planning, allocation, and delivery of the forklift to the customer. You can even create “Pre-Delivery Invoices” in advance for financing options. All completely out of the box.


Service Management is a complex business area and Baseplan has been built from the ground up to handle all of the processes of a Service department. Breakdowns are managed from customer call logging, through prioritisation, planning and allocation to the technician and dispatching the job over the wire. Planned Maintenance and Warranty are also extensively covered with multiple scheduling and planning options and even the ability to manage OEM product recalls and service bulletins. Baseplan gives you the ability to track, monitor, and attain customer service level requirements instantly.


Whether you need to move forklifts for sales, hire, or service, Baseplan’s completely integrated Transport Management system provides a consistent, transparent way to plan, schedule, allocate, and track all of your transport movements. Transport dockets can also be added for any other requirement, such as a customer requested move between locations. Dockets can be allocated internally to available drivers, or externally to transport providers with progress tracked along the way. All fully integrated to operational and financial modules. The complete business management system.


Increasing transparency and productivity, Baspelan’s Service Mobility and Transport Mobility apps keep drivers and mechanics connected at all times. The applications seamlessly communicate between mechanics and drivers in the field and allocators back in the office. Not only does this provide real-time, accurate communication around repair and transport details, it also provides up-to-date feedback on progress. At the completion of a service or transport job, parts are scanned on to the job, labour details are entered, and the customer reviews the completed work order and signs directly on to the tablet. All of those details (including any photos taken) are automatically sent back directly in to the service system for immediate review and billing. The mobility apps eliminate complex manual and paper-oriented procedures, allowing staff to engage more productively with customers. Complete, real-time, seamless communication with mechanics and drivers increases efficiency, reduces paperwork, eliminates errors, and improves cash flow.


Forklift rental companies often need to manage both short-term or casual rental agreements as well as long-term or contracted rental agreements. Baseplan caters to both of these business models with extensive functionality around each agreement’s specific needs. Automatic price increases, stand-in management, utilisation and down time reporting are all well managed within the system. Service provisions can be automatically separated during billing as well as finance agreement management being linked to the contract. A full profit-and-loss report is available by forklift, contract, customer, and more.


For forklift businesses that rent on a casual basis with operator, Baseplan also provides all the planning and billing capabilities you require. From a visual planning calendar that lets you plan right down to the hour, right through to mobile docket entry that updates billing and performance reports. Everything to rent, manage and bill your customers, no matter what the rental terms and conditions.


Eliminating reactive and manual parts replenishment, an integral part of after-sales service is Baseplan’s automatic spare parts management. Baseplan covers all aspects of spare parts management from counter sales, picking slips, and customer back orders, to integrated purchasing and replenishment based on consumption. Van stock is also managed in real-time. Advanced stock forecasting caters for planning of scheduled servicing requirements and the preparation of machines for sale in advance. seamlessly connected in real time across all facets of your Forklift business.


Baseplan provides organization-wide, real-time integration and visibility across all facets of your business. With your sales, rentals, parts, service, and finance departments functioning co-operatively, Baseplan delivers the highest level of process control and visibility. From initial quotes through to invoicing, you know you’re receiving consistent, reliable data. Real-time integrated KPI reporting removes manual processing and potential errors, providing management with the ability to continuously refine and improve the businesses focus.

Baseplan automates and connects all operations in your business; increasing productivity, reducing costs, and driving efficiency. Let Baseplan simplify and manage your forklift company so you can spend more time developing your business. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible payment options and find out how your forklift company, large or small, can benefit from Baseplan’s forklift business management software.