Equipment Rental Management

Maximize revenue without losing efficiency.

Transform your equipment rental operations with one integrated solution that eliminates manual data entry and increases your bottom line.

Why choose Baseplan?

Get a better handle on your inventory and revenue with streamlined insights from powerful equipment management software.

  • Robust inventory management
  • Efficient scheduling
  • Precise maintenance tracking
  • Effective customer management
  • Real-time reporting and analytics for staying ahead
  • Equipment utilisation monitoring
  • Maintenance schedule tracking
  • Informed decision-making for business efficiency
  • Effortless equipment inventory tracking
  • Stock level management
  • Asset availability monitoring
  • Rental readiness assurance for each customer

Execute and complete more jobs

Effectively manage project jobs, expenses, and contracts via Baseplan’s cloud-based equipment rental software.

  • Versatile project costing and revenue estimation.
  • Efficient contract management with CPI tracking and flexible billing.
  • Cloud-based rental management for remote access and real-time updates.
  • Flexible billing options for equipment rental.

Say goodbye to inventory mistakes

Track your equipment’s history, location, and status no matter where you operate from.

  • Easily track equipment location and renter information from anywhere.
  • Generate equipment availability lists for stocktaking purposes.
  • Say goodbye to double-checking spreadsheets to verify equipment information.
  • Sync data from all locations to one centralised system

Keep your equipment working for you

Preventative maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and keep your equipment in the field.

  • Record electrical tagging and testing details efficiently.
  • Schedule services automatically based on the predicted date of breakdown.
  • Schedule routine repairs when an item is returned damaged.
  • Ensure each item is in optimal condition for its next use, maximizing your returns.

Increase your revenue and profitability

Enhance your decision-making with comprehensive reports to increase ROI.

  • Stay informed and make every expense count.
  • Monitor gear depreciation for proactive replacements.
  • Gain insights into your most and least used equipment for informed buying decisions.
  • Identify items requiring frequent repairs and make smarter purchases to prevent future issues.

‘Baseplan isn’t just software; it’s been our catalyst for transformation. It’s empowered us to revolutionize our operations, achieve unprecedented efficiency, and confidently navigate the ever-evolving heavy equipment industry. With Baseplan, we’re not just keeping pace; we’re setting the standard for success.’

Randy Phillips – Porter Group USA

For over three decades, Baseplan has been the unwavering choice for companies serious about profit and embracing evolving technology. As a leader in true ERP software, we’re here to elevate your rental business with cutting-edge solutions.

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