Baseplan Service Module

The Baseplan Enterprise Service Module covers all aspects of the service lifecycle with comprehensive software modules that manages the areas of internal fleet, external retail service, field breakdown, planned maintenance, complete technician management and warranty management.

Service Jobs/Work Orders

Works Orders are completely integrated to the general ledger in real-time providing up to date information in regards to inventory control, labour time sheets, and external purchases. Live integration with purchasing helps better manage costing and jobs waiting on receipts.

Complete Equipment History

Knowing the complete history of an asset is vital to its longevity and profitability within your company. Detailed and real time equipment history is available within Baseplan Enterprise for users throughout your business and your technicians out in the field. Users gain the advantage of being able to drill down deep into an asset’s history to see detailed information of all work carried out previously.

Comprehensive Maintenance

Better manage the maintenance of your entire equipment fleet with our sophisticated planning algorithm. This allows for maintenance to be planned automatically by the hour, meter, odometer, day intervals and days on rent to coincide with your servicing processes. Unlimited concurrent schedules are also possible for each piece of equipment if needed.

The centrally managed hour meter integrates with the rental, service, sales and on-board telemetry to allow for more accurate data to be collected.

Integrated Invoicing

Integrated invoicing is a feature of the Baseplan Service Module that allows for the automatic generation of an invoice to be created once a service has been completed by a technician. This eliminates administration costs for keying in each job card as invoices are automatically generated and posted, eliminating the risk of error and improving cash flow. This features also significantly improves debt collection and reduces disputes due to delays.

Technicians have the opportunity to review the job before creating an invoice and are able to obtain a signature from the client, approving of the work that has been completed, with the integration of sign on glass job cards.

Labour Analysis

Being able to record and analysis the statistics of your labour force is crucial to enhancing the efficiency and service that you deliver to your clients. Baseplan Service Module offers the ability to record all labour activities comprehensively. Labour can be broken down into different categories including teams, branches, makes and models to allow you to better evaluate your labour force.
Automatically generate integrated daily time sheets for detailed allocation of labour. Non job related time sheets can also be generated showing reasons and durations for non-productive time.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet more efficiently with ‘whole of life tracking’ and the management of each asset from the initial sale through to its disposal. Our Fleet Management module provides powerful insights from reports grouped by customer, location, type, make or model of equipment. Comprehensive profitability, TCO and ROI calculations in respect to fleet are also possible.

Warranty Management

The process of Warranty Management is made easier within Baseplan Enterprise. Our integrated Warranty Management tracks a job from initial assessment through to billing and approval for warranty. This software module allows for detailed management for a variety of equipment warranties including internal, OEM and third party.

Complete management of product recalls and service bulletins with reporting on progress is also available within the warranty management module.

Red/Green Tag Inspections

The Red/Green Tag Inspection allows for equipment to be assessed and made ready for rental with all the necessary checks being completed and documented. Inspection checklists and certification, tags the item as ready for rent. The inspection workflow process integrates with each rental asset in your fleet and is created automatically at completion of rental.

Once a technician has completed a service job, ready for print rent tags can be produced from workshop terminals automatically. However, if the inspection uncovers faults or damages, a technician is able to escalate the equipment for repair and is able to attach photos and supporting documentation to the service job history. Integrated in this process is the ability to automatically bill a client for damages.

Integrated Purchasing

Real-time validated integration with purchase orders and work orders is yet another feature of the service module. Cash flow can be automatically produced from purchase order receipts onto work orders with no need to receipt and then add to the job at a later stage.

The service module will prevent the completion of a service job without standing items if necessary. Gain the confidence of invoicing customers knowing that all costs are already on the work order.

Breakdown Response Management

Counter any equipment breakdowns quickly and efficiently with the Breakdown Response Management module. The call login and dispatch system will manage the workflow from the initial customer call through to the allocation of technicians and reporting on performance. During this time you will be able to oversee the availability of resources and workflow to quicken the response times of your technicians improving your customer’s satisfaction and loss of productivity. Comprehensive status communication between the technician and base is also provided.

Field and Workshops Mobility

The Baseplan Service Module has integrated real-time mobility solutions for all field and workshop scenarios. Technicians are able to access data regarding parts, with the ability to check stock levels in van and at base. Pre-job safety assessments, post job inspection checklists and time sheets can be logged from out in the field with camera and scanning integration to make technicians job easier Offline mode allows technicians to continue to work even when their connectivity is limited.

Customer Performance Reporting

Overall graphs and customer analysis reports are available for equipment, fleet, technician and company performances so that at any time you can see how well your company is operating. There is also the ability to drill down deeper and obtain automatic real-time reports regarding response times, service analysis, damage analysis and downtime percentages. See where you are making the most profit by analysing the profitability of customers, locations and assets to gain valuable insights.

Telemetry Integration

On board data recorders provide three integration points between equipment and company. The first integration point being the automatic logging of usage via the hour meter which integrates to excess billing and planned maintenance. The next integration point is the logging of noncritical events for future investigation at next service. The third integration point is the automatic creation of service calls for critical events such as significant impact. This allows the machine too request attention from the service department automatically.

Transport Management

The Service Module offers complete integration with transport logging and planning for equipment that need to be delivered, collected and moved. Integrated run sheets detailing all activities and their progress allows you to keep track of your fleet while the allocation screen allows you to manage outstanding deliveries, work in progress and the availability of drivers.

Maintenance Contracts

The service module has the ability to handle time based and event based maintenance agreements. The ‘do and charge contracts’ can be billed at either fixed price, labour or both with time based contracts automatically billed regardless of activities and allocate revenue to service provision accounts. Renewal management and SLA reporting is also included within Baseplan Enterprise.

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