Baseplan Rentals Module

The Rental Module within Baseplan Enterprise is one the of cornerstone areas of our software. Covering the full end to end rental lifecycle including such process as: enquiry, quoting, availability, planning and execution are all integrated within the Rental Module making it the one true end to end rental management software for your business.

Rental Quotes

Detailed rental quotes can be generated quickly and easily for your customers based on previous transactions. For new customers, data collection can be done whilst on the phone to the customer. Equipment availability can be verified and customer-specific rates automatically used for consistency in pricing. The Rental Module also then allows you to revise the quotes as needed and then to convert the quote into a rental contract for execution immediately or at a later date. Included in this functionality is the ability to track lost sales and gain an insight into where your sales process could be improved to increase your conversation rate.

Comprehensive Rental Contract Management

Collection and recording of client identity (with integrated credit control) and the ability to handle multiple job sites and delivery addresses will help ensure the correct equipment is delivered.
Searching for equipment by many means including part descriptions, types and categories along with a graphical calendar view of availability allows for efficient handling of clients.

The rental contract management system also extends functionality with the provision of a deposit calculator, integration with address checking services and also the capability to be integrated with EFTPOS devices on the rental counter. These features add to the efficiencies in customer turn-around time.

Strong governance functionality includes the logging of all changes to rental contracts including rate overrides by the operator. Password authentication requirements can be tuned to your specific point of sale needs and can be further extended by the optional use of RDID wrist bands in lieu of password authentication.

Other important features include the handling of packages, associated items, simple and complex rate structures are provided for allowing for price books to be tuned for regions, customers and job sites.

The rental module also has the capability for multiple off rental dates, partial returns, swaps, and also sale of equipment. Damage and environmental charges can also be easily automatically added to the rental contract.

Short Term and Leasing

The rental module also allows for short term/long term rental contracts with rates to suit plus the capability to handle more complex scenarios such as revenue splitting between branches and for the control of operating lease type rental contracts where fees can be charged and financially allocated against service accruals automatically. Automatic price increases can also be selectively applied to long term rental contracts using the CPI capability.

Rent to Own

Managing your ‘Rent to Own’ clients has never been easier with the ability to sell a rental item directly from a contract to a rental client. Information such as the pay out figure and review dates of rent to own contracts are made readily available to the operator. The system is (optionally) fully integrated with the disposal of an asset from the asset register.

Flexible Billing Options

For the purpose of achieving a truly flexible billing option, Baseplan Enterprise affords you the ability to invoice your rental clients by the hour, day, week, month, cycle or block and in advance or arears. Billing can also be done via the equipment hour meter and also via entry of dockets/tickets where there are driver/operators involved in the rental. You also have the capacity to easily manage stand downs, swaps and partial returns of equipment.

Once rental equipment has been returned, additional expenditures like consumables, fuel, excess usages and environmental charges can be added to the invoice simply along with an integrated damage management module for those unfortunate incidents.

Utilisation Analysis

View extensive real-time utilisation calculations via a wide range of graphs, tables and charts. The system provides the ability to view all time and financial based utilisation with the confidence that Baseplan Enterprise is an ARA Metrics certified software package.

Utilisation analysis is available through our financial contribution analysis system which allows the user to drill down to individual transactions and also to see ROI and full costs of ownership such as service costs and depreciation compared to income. Data can be easily exported to Excel as required.

Complete Pricing Flexibility

Administer precisely how the different variations in pricing for your rental equipment is charged with our extensive rate hierarchy capability. Set rates per customer group and location as well as seasonal and quantity based pricing levels. You will gain the ability to simply copy rates and develop new price books when needed and to activate them when required for specific date ranges.

In addition, our Rental Module has full integration with price override reasons and auditing for security purposes with a complete pricing intelligence analysis for detailed reporting.

Reservation and Bookings

Reservations and booking of equipment has never been easier with our fully integrated planning calendar. Detailed planning capabilities within the Baseplan Enterprise allows you to make reservations on the fly, control stock and manage delivery and pickups plus much more.

Re-Rent Management

Our Re-Rent Management feature allows you to easily re-rent equipment back to your client. This is controlled with integrated approval processes and fully integrated re-rent system which includes automated accrual accounting. Keep track of rented third party equipment with high visibility on site.

Availability Calendar

Driven by the industry’s most powerful availability management engine, keep track of equipment with our graphical calendar based interface. With the ability to manage contracts with simple drag and drop functionality, match operator skills to equipment and change the calendar view from day to hours, will allow you to quickly know when a specific piece of equipment is available and for how long.

Operator Ticket/Docket Entry

Give your staff the ability to enter and bill ticket/dockets quickly and easily with our complete operator management functionality. Planning and allocation with skills and availability matching will make this process much easier while staff will be able to capture a specific piece of equipment’s operating hours. These operations can also be done in the field due to our clever integrated Field Mobility System.

Transport Management

View the status of all transport activities and enhance your rental process with our comprehensive transport planning and allocation tool. Offering complete day sheet management with such features as the ability to see planed vs completed activities. Our Transport Management system also has the capability to plan specific actions such as pump outs and also the ability to reschedule deliveries and actions where needed.

Integration of the rental module with the sales and services modules to enhance user experience. Automatic billing integration and the ability to manage third party transport providers are just some of the many additional features you will be able to complete as part of our “end to end” software solution.

Profitability and ROI Analysis

Extensive business intelligence showing real-time profitability, utilisation, and ROI all in a clear and concise graphical reporting tool will give you a true indication of how your business is progressing. The all in one financial contribution analysis is able to drill down to source transactions while customer reporting for branch, equipment, category group, and class are all made possible within this interface.

Pricing Intelligence

Investigate a range of pricing factors to better inform your sales team with our pricing intelligence visualisations. Within this feature you and your staff will be able to analysis average rental rates by rental location and compare discounts provided across customer regions and time frames. This information is display visually in a detailed price performance report.

Integrated Mobility Options

Allow your sales team and staff members to manage contracts out in the field remotely using multiple mobility options covering all facets of the rental process. Empower your staff to be able to perform such tasks as operator ticket/docket entry, work orders for installations and repairs, transport tracking and more while walking around and engaging directly with clients.

Sign on glass authority recording is yet another feature of Baseplan Enterprise for those clients that would like to purchase rental equipment away from your main office where it is more convenient.

Operator Skills Matching and Allocation

Make sure drivers/operators are qualified to use rental equipment before granting access to a piece of machinery by displaying operators that match the skills needed to operate the equipment on a particular job site. This can be done by matching skills against customer location (for example site inductions) and against equipment operating requirements. This feature also allows you to run a report that display skills and certifications that are about to expire.

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