Service & Maintenance

Keep your equipment working for you.

If your equipment isn’t in the field, it’s not generating revenue. Baseplan lets you automate and oversee every facet of equipment service and maintenance.

Why Baseplan?

Your equipment rental software should manage and automate maintenance requests. Baspelan does that and so much more.

  • Track maintenance operations in real time
  • Efficient job scheduling
  • Effective customer management
  • User-friendly mobile solution
  • Tracking equipment in the field
  • Empower staff wherever they are
  • Simplified inventory management
  • View all maintenance activities 
  • Keep your equipment in the field.

Predict when your equipment will break down

Baseplan uses multiple data points to predict when your equipment will break down so you can schedule maintenance. This helps keep your equipment generating revenue for you.

  • Keep your equipment in the field for longer by reducing downtime windows through predictive maintenance.
  • Schedule services automatically to prevent breakdowns to your equipment.
  • Project asset disposal dates based on number of projected breakdowns.

Fully integrated service jobs

Access all the information you need to ensure every service job has the right parts available to complete your maintenance.

  • Allocate service requests to the most suitable technician, taking into consideration their location, skills, and availability.
  • Manage equipment completely via the Baseplan mobile app.
  • Empower mechanics to scan QR codes on equipment items to assign to service jobs.

Improve customer satisfaction

Keep customers happier by keeping your equipment on the job for longer.

  • Impress your customers with your ability to keep your equipment going for longer.
  • Build lasting relationships with customers based on your reliability.
  • Win repeat business from customers.

Increase your ROI

By servicing more efficiently, you can make better booking and purchasing decisions across your business.

  • Preventative maintenance ensures your asset utilisation is maximised.
  • Plan for asset disposal based on equipment service history in your asset management software.
  • Make better decisions about equipment cycling by using the data at your fingertips.

‘Baseplan continues to provide a tightly integrated product supporting the critical functions of our business. The value lies in the partnership, where we work closely with Baseplan on rental industry solutions tailored to meet our requirements.’

Stuart Dean – Kennards Hire

For over three decades, Baseplan has been the unwavering choice for companies serious about profit and embracing evolving technology. As a leader in true ERP software, we’re here to elevate your rental business with cutting-edge solutions.

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