Mobile Management

Empowering your technicians in the field

Revolutionise your daily processes by seamlessly connecting your in-field workforce to office staff.

Why Baseplan?

Going mobile with Baseplan helps you streamline operations, reduce costs, and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Get the full Baseplan experience on your device
  • Fulfil rentals from contract creation through to equipment servicing
  • Allocate equipment to service jobs from your mobile device.
  • Upskill your staff and upscale your tech
  • Streamline inspections with timesheets and damage reports
  • Log and complete jobs in the field
  • Give your staff the power of Baseplan wherever they are
  • Give your technicians the direct line to in-office data
  • Real-time data updates

Create new contracts seamlessly

With upgraded rental management features, the Baseplan’ mobile app empowers rental controllers to execute end-to-end rental operations with ease.

  • Initiate contract creation process.
  • Review customer and site details before contract addition.
  • Scan or manually add Line Items (equipment or stock items) to a contract.
  • Perform various actions during Line Item addition including viewing rental rates, recording hour metre readings, completing inspections, and more.

Fulfil rentals with ease

The Rental Fulfilment module streamlines the process of fulfilling rental contracts, whether for delivery by a driver or customer pickup from the branch.

  • Effortlessly allocate equipment codes/serial numbers to rental bookings.
  • Plan and prepare equipment items for allocation through the fulfilment activity list.
  • Comprehensive search techniques to find rental contracts for fulfilment.
  • Perform a range of fulfilment functions, such as assigning equipment codes, capturing pre-hire condition photos, checking prebill summary, and more.

Streamline inspections and on-site jobs

The Inspections module empowers mechanics and inspectors to complete tasks paperless and in real-time.

  • Effortless timesheet recording, damage reporting, and checklist action.
  • Mechanic-managed inspections and real-time service manager progress tracking.
  • Prompt notifications for pending inspections on equipment items.
  • Actions including allocating inspections, adding notes/photos, and advanced checklist management.

Transform your transportation operations

Transform transportation operations with the ‘Day Sheets’ feature. This empowers drivers to efficiently manage their tasks, reducing delays and errors through improved communication with coordinators.

  • Real-time receipt of delivery and pickup dockets.
  • Granular division of activities for better planning and reporting.
  • Detailed transport run status visibility throughout the day.
  • Direct communication with customer contacts and navigation maps.

‘Baseplan continues to provide a tightly integrated product supporting the critical functions of our business. The value lies in the partnership, where we work closely with Baseplan on rental industry solutions tailored to meet our requirements.’

Stuart Dean – Kennards Hire

For over three decades, Baseplan has been the unwavering choice for companies serious about profit and embracing evolving technology. As a leader in true ERP software, we’re here to elevate your rental business with cutting-edge solutions.

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