Boosting Efficiency
with Linde Material Handling

Challenge: Improving Post-Sales Assistance and Operational Efficiency

Linde Material Handling, a prominent player in the Australian market, established its reputation by prioritising customer satisfaction and complementing its advanced product range with robust after-sales support. Seeking to further enhance its support performance, Linde turned to Baseplan. Today, after six years of collaboration, Baseplan plays a central role in Linde’s operations.

Linde recognized the need to equip its extensive field service technician fleet with an In Van Terminal (IVT) system, facilitating two-way data communication to enhance efficiency. Datalink, a leading provider, recommended Baseplan when Linde inquired about suitable software options for the IVT system.

George Pappas, General Manager at Linde looked at many rental software providers, but found Baseplan to best meet their needs: “One of the main drivers which influenced us to have a good look at Baseplan was that it had a strong rental and service focus in the product. In fact, it was our understanding that was where the product originated from.”

In 2006, Linde faced a pivotal decision – whether to upgrade its existing Scala application or explore an entirely different solution. The decision to choose Baseplan was driven by several factors, including a strong rental and service focus, local support, and a high level of integration.

Transitioning to Baseplan was a well-executed process. The migration, which began on a Friday afternoon, was completed by Tuesday lunchtime – a remarkable accomplishment. All branches across Australia went live over the same weekend, ensuring a seamless transition.

From a data integrity perspective, it is very important that everything goes into Baseplan and everything comes out of Baseplan. That’s what we aimed for, and we’ve found that is possible within the program.

George Pappas
General Manager, Linde Material Handling

Solution: Data Visibility and Integration

Baseplan’s integration provided Linde with comprehensive data visibility and transparency, meeting their expectations for an integrated system. The enhanced data quality empowered executives to make informed decisions and improve overall performance.

As equipment rental grew in importance as an alternative to outright purchase, Baseplan’s flexibility became invaluable. Whether it was long-term or short-term rental, Baseplan’s software handled both with ease, offering the same features tailored to different stakeholders’ needs.

Baseplan really has improved the data quality throughout our organisation. That data quality and availability has allowed our executives to make better, more informed decisions and has helped to improve the performance of Linde generally.

George Pappas
General Manager, Linde Material Handling

Results: A Comprehensive and Efficient Solution

Baseplan’s completeness and efficiency stand out. Linde no longer requires separate asset management systems, software for stock inventory, spare parts ordering, equipment rental, or service. Everything is tightly integrated, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Linde’s relationship with Baseplan continues to thrive. They collaborate on product development, with Linde benefiting from updates and innovations. Upcoming modules such as Baseplan Analytics and stock mobility are expected to further enhance Linde’s operations.

Baseplan has come a long way as a company since 2006 when we introduced their software to our business. They have responded to customer feedback and made a lot of investment in resources and product development.

George Pappas
General Manager, Linde Material Handling

Seamless Transition

The transition to Baseplan was executed efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to Linde’s operations.

Enhanced Data Quality

Baseplan’s integration improved data quality throughout Linde’s organisation, enabling better decision-making.

Flexible Rental Handling

Baseplan’s software offers flexibility for both long-term and short-term equipment rental, catering to different stakeholders’ needs.

Complete and Efficient Solution

Baseplan’s integration eliminated the need for separate systems, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Ongoing Collaboration

Linde continues to benefit from a dynamic relationship with Baseplan, staying informed about upcoming features and innovations.

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