When a piece of equipment is added to a rental contract, the system will take the highest value of the days per week entered on the customer site or the equipment item.    Normally, the configuration is that all equipment is configured to 5 days per week unless it is  always  charged at either 6 or 7 days.  Then the customer sites are configured according to the site rules i.e. 5,6 or 7 days per week.  This gives you greater flexibility so the same equipment can be hired using different days per week to different customers.  It also allows you to charge the same customer different days per week depending on the type of equipment being rented.  For example; a customer may hire a piece of machinery & also some fencing.  The equipment is charged at only 5 days per week & the fencing would be charged at 7.

The logic for setting days a week on rental contract header  is

  1. If there is customer and site on the rental contract, and there is an entry in the ‘Days/Week’ field on the on site, this value will be used
  2. If the contract is for a cash customer, the value entered in the rental counter parameter ‘Default days for cash customer’ will be used
  3. If neither of the above options are used, then the customer is an account customer.  If the rental counter parameter ‘Force charge 7 days for not cash customer’ is enabled, the days per week will       default to 7.  If this parameter is disabled, then the value entered in the Equipment parameter ‘Default Number Of Days’ will be used


The logic for  rental contract detail  line.

  1. When adding a line without an equipment no,  the maximum value of ‘Days/Week’ from the rental contract & the ‘Charge Days per Week’ value entered on the Make/Model will be used (if there is model only, the first value for that model that is greater than zero will be used )
  2. When adding a line with an equipment no, the maximum value of ‘Days/Week’ from the rental contract header & the ‘Charge Days a Week’ from the Equipment Master will be used.
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