The ‘Use DW Maintenance form’ parameter controls if the checkbox displays on the rental contract screen. If enabled customer specific damage waiver information can be configured using the Damage Waiver maintenance screen from the Customer Master Views menu. Different damage waiver percentages can be configured for different states if required. The system determines the state of a rental contract by taking the branch of the user and then checks the Fleet_Branch parameter ‘State’ for that branch to see which State the branch is linked to. If the damage waiver value isn’t different for different states select ALL in the State drop down when configuring the Damage Waiver.
The Damage Waiver % drop down list on the rental contract will show all percentages that are available for the state of the user and the percentage entered in the Fleet_Branch parameter ‘DW_Percent’.

When new rental contracts are created the Damage Waiver % will default to the value in the ‘DW_Percent’ parameter first. It will change to the relevant percentage entered in the Damage Waiver Maintenance screen if the Default Damage Waiver checkbox is checked.

The Damage Waiver, DW Percentage and DW Review Date fields on the Customer Site screen will be locked and the damage waiver checkbox will be hidden on the Rental Contract screen.