The customer (Cash or Account) can only be changed on a rental contract if:

  • The parameter ‘Allow Changes of Customer Code on Rental Contracts’ is enabled
  • The rental contract is in ‘CURRENT’ or ‘DELIVERY’ status
  • The rental contract does not have any deposits/payments
  • The rental contract has not been billed

The user security group must also have access to the ‘ChangeCustomerCode’ option.

The parameter ‘New Customer Default Site Address Option’ controls the address that defaults when auto creating the site for a new customer.

  • Option 1 – Do not Default
  • Option 2 – Customer Billing address
  • Option 3 – Customer Delivery address

Yes, checking the Internal Customer checkbox (Customer Master > Views > Options) allows the user to override the minimum margin validation when posting customer invoices.

Users will be able to sell items below the minimum margin, when they have the Customer Invoices – Margin Override security permission and the parameter, ‘Allow Posting for Internal Customer with Low Margin’ is enabled.