When adding timesheets to service jobs, the below hierarchy is followed for labour rates:

  1. Labour Rate on the Equipment Ledger item (Equipment Management > Equipment Ledger)
  2. If there is no labour rate, then the Customer Site Labour Rate is used (Customers > customer Sites)
  3. If there is no labour rate, then the Skilled Persons Labour Rate is used(Equipment Management > Configuration > Skilled Persons)

The threshold is the number of days/weeks that the rate should be used from. In the below example the rate is set up to charge $100 from day 1 to day 5 and $70 from day 5 onwards. The system will always calculate the cheapest rate according to the number of days charged. In the below example where the daily rate is $100 per day and the weekly rate is $70 per day, if the customer is charged for 4 days, the system will calculate a total hire amount of 5 * $70.00 = $350.00 instead of 4 * $100.00 = $400.00. The system then adjusts the day rate on the prebill report and invoice to reflect the cheapest total rental amount, the resulting day rate is $350.00 / 4 = $87.50.

Tags: Rates, Rental

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