Invoicing & Accounting

Fast and accurate accounting

Save time and money by generating invoices faster and billing projects on time.

Why Baseplan?

Baseplan is a complete ERP meaning your accounting, invoicing, and all financial functions are fully integrated.

  • Invoice processing automation
  • Tracking and visibility
  • Real-time invoice status
  • Real-time posting
  • Transaction drill-down
  • Bank reconciliation and bulk entry
  • Fixed asset management
  • Asset value tracking
  • Depreciation reports

Track all invoices from one location

Get complete visibility over all your financials in one location. Get real-time status updates and automate invoice processing.

  • Baseplan’s Gateway solution integrates with Kofax Capture scanning software, enabling the automation of paper and electronic invoice transactions into the Baseplan Accounts Payable module.
  • Enables tracking and visibility of each invoice transaction throughout its life cycle, allowing easy access to invoice images connected with transactions in Baseplan Enterprise.
  • Accounts Receivable (AP) system provides live updates on invoiced amounts, payments, and outstanding balances, reducing the wait time for understanding transaction status.

Increase efficiency with real-time General Ledger updates

Get more efficiency in your financial operations with real-time updates to the GL.

  • ERP systems post transactions directly to the general ledger immediately after occurrence, eliminating the need to wait for data refresh at the end of the month.
  • Easily drill down from the General Ledger inquiry to view details of customer or vendor invoices that generated each transaction.
  • Perform bank reconciliations, bulk journal entry uploads (e.g., payroll), and manage accruals automatically, enhancing overall efficiency.

Accurately track depreciation of hired assets

Get insights into when to cycle your fixed assets through reports on equipment history and value.

  • ERP software simplifies fixed asset management, allowing accurate tracking of asset depreciation using various methods over time.
  • Facilitates tracking of every asset value change, managing recapitalization of repairs through work orders, and providing detailed reports on purchases and disposals.
  • Run reports to track the depreciation of rental assets accurately, aiding the accounting team in managing asset values over time.

Reduce wait times for immediate understanding

Baseplan will remove idle time in your accounting practices with access to real-time information about your hired assets.

  • ERP systems provide instantaneous access to critical information for customers, such as rental details, outstanding invoices, and payment histories, reducing wait times for multiple systems to update.
  • Having AR and AP connected within a single system allows for immediate access to payment status, credit history, and tracking write-offs and ageing for a better understanding of financial standing.
  • Financials tied to rental software processes make tasks faster, allowing immediate validation of purchase orders, accounts payable, and various financial transactions.

‘Baseplan continues to provide a tightly integrated product supporting the critical functions of our business. The value lies in the partnership, where we work closely with Baseplan on rental industry solutions tailored to meet our requirements.’

Stuart Dean – Kennards Hire

For over three decades, Baseplan has been the unwavering choice for companies serious about profit and embracing evolving technology. As a leader in true ERP software, we’re here to elevate your rental business with cutting-edge solutions.

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