The Baseplan Enterprise integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software module provides sales team automation your sales staff will want to use. Integration links to display existing customer information, sales and rental quoting making Baseplan CRM not only a reporting tool but an essential part of every sales person’s everyday life.

What is Customer Relationship Management Software?

Commonly referred to as a CRM, a Customer Relationship Management system allows a business to store, track, analyze and manage all customer interactions and data throughout the sales life-cycle. This affords a business the opportunity to automate their sales process, better market their product or service and provide greater customer support.

Key features of Baseplan Enterprise CRM Software

CRM Software Integration:

To truly get the most out of your incorporated CRM software a high level of integration is required with the rest of the system. The CRM module is part of the overall Baseplan Enterprise suite providing full integration in look, feel and data connectivity.

Contact Management:

Baseplan Software will give your sales team the tools to look after your customer’s before, during and after the sale. Access customer contact details, quote information, order history and more, easily from your desktop or mobile tablet.

Mobile CRM Software:

Baseplan CRM for iPad offers licensed named desktop users of the Baseplan Enterprise CRM module access to their data when on the move. Without the need for middleware and additional servers, once installed, users can connect with their online Baseplan server and database to create, view and edit data in real time.

Tracking and Reporting:

One of the core methodologies to measure customer relationship management is the tracking and reporting of appropriate data. Sales process tracking enables management to validate budgets and to drive organizational growth and innovation.

Marketing Performance:

Performance management is key to any business in order to make informed business decisions. The Baseplan ERP solution provides you with a powerful piece of business intelligence software that gives you greater access to analyze your CRM data in order to make the right move for your business.

One Source of Truth:

The Baseplan Enterprise CRM system enables you to save attachments with enquiries including emails, MS Word, MS Excel and PDF documents. This allows for a constant record of all communications to be stored in a single location for reference at any given point in time.