Baseplan Mobility Apps

Revolutionise your mobile workforce with the Baseplan Mobility App by streamlining activity, increasing productivity, and improving customer satisfaction.

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With rapidly expanding business operations, workplaces are not limited to workstations anymore. The Baseplan Mobility App will streamline everyday processes for your business, reducing costs driving productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction with a future-proof technology.

This technology will connect in-field workforce to office staff and all the relevant job information. The application has been designed with a user-friendly interface and an intuitive workflow to simplify and speed up transport runs.
Transport coordinators have the ability to effectively allocate and track runs right from Baseplan Enterprise, using the new advanced scheduling screen.

Drivers will use ‘Day Sheets’ on the mobile app to view, action, and complete their list of activities for the day, at the touch of a button. Improved communication between coordinators and drivers will substantially reduce delays and errors.

Here are just a few key functionalities that the Baseplan Mobility App has to offer:

  • Delivery and pickup dockets can be received in real time from Baseplan Enterprise, without the hassle of producing and maintaining piles of paperwork.
  • Activities can be divided into more granular actions indicating various stages in the day run, such as driving to branch or customer site and loading or unloading equipment.
  • Detailed status of the transport run is available for better visibility and reporting. You will know where the driver is and their progress throughout the day.
  • Drivers can directly call customer contacts, and pull up navigation maps directly from the app.
  • Item quantities included in a transport activity can be confirmed by scanning QR Codes – ensuring the right equipment is delivered the first time.
  • Photos of the equipment can be captured before delivery or after pickup, and attached to the activity to accurately report damage charges and mitigate the risk of disputes.
  • Special instructions or notes can be entered against the transport activities whilst they are on route, eliminating the need to pen down notes on printed dockets.
  • E-signatures can be signed by customers to speed up approvals and confirmations.
    Dockets and invoices can be emailed to customers instantly.