Allcott Hire:
A Modernisation Journey
with Baseplan

Challenge: Modernising Operations
for Sustainable Growth

The equipment hire and rental industry in Australia has witnessed significant consolidation in recent years. Amidst this transformation, Allcott Hire, formerly known as the Active Hire Group, emerged as a noteworthy player. Baseplan has played a pivotal role in their business since 2006, guiding them through these changing tides.

In July 2012, Allcott Hire was born, consolidating multiple trading entities – Active Hire, Instant Hire, CSP Hire, and RTT Hire – into a single entity with an extensive presence across 30 locations throughout Australia. Unifying under one business name simplified the customer experience but required meticulous coordination to execute seamlessly.

“Trading under one business name has eliminated potential confusion for customers dealing with the group across two or more states, but it took exceptional co-ordination to manage. Fortunately, the company’s commitment to Baseplan helped simplify the process.” — Business Development Manager, Allcott Hire

With Instant Hire, we were really stuck for time but Baseplan was able to do the project. There was a lot of hard work. Baseplan’s people were very helpful, and that allowed us to do it so quickly.

Business Development Manager, Allcott Hire

Solution: Baseplan – The Backbone of Efficiency

Baseplan’s association with Allcott began in earnest in January 2006, during the merger of Instant Hire into the Active Hire Group. This rapid transition was characterised by tight timelines and the urgency to switch to a new stand-alone operating system.

Allcott found Baseplan’s flexibility and the support structure invaluable in adapting to their unique business model. Despite having a leaner management structure compared to larger competitors, Baseplan accommodated their needs seamlessly.

Over time, Allcott Hire transitioned its various businesses, including Active Hire and CSP Hire, onto the Baseplan platform, well before adopting the name “Allcott Hire.” This transition marked a significant milestone and affirmed their confidence in Baseplan as a long-term technology partner.

“After the experience switching over Instant Hire, we were able to make the decision to stick with Baseplan when it came to putting the entire group onto one system – which was a much bigger project.” — Business Development Manager, Allcott Hire

Results: A Successful Partnership Leading to Ongoing Improvements

Baseplan’s appeal lay in its tailored approach to the hire industry. Allcott Hire appreciated its user-friendly point-of-sale module and robust back-end capabilities, which simplified operations.

Allcott Hire found the asset module of Baseplan highly beneficial for their accounting team. The system streamlined processes, reducing manual calculations and enhancing efficiency.

“For us, the initial attraction was the fact that Baseplan had developed its software specifically for the hire industry. We knew it was used by some of the bigger players in our industry. The two other areas which were very important to us were its ease of use, particularly the simplified point of sale module, and the capabilities of the back end.” — Business Development Manager, Allcott Hire

Our business isn’t structured the same way as some of our larger competitors. We have a lighter management structure and we don’t have as many resources available to us, such as a large IT department, but that hasn’t been an issue with Baseplan Software. They make allowance for it when we’ve done these projects. They fit in with our business.

Business Development Manager, Allcott Hire

Unified Operations

Integration with Baseplan streamlined operations by consolidating multiple trading entities under one cohesive system.

Rapid Transition

Allcott Hire experienced a seamless transition to Baseplan Software during mergers, ensuring minimal disruption and business continuity

Customised Solutions

Baseplan’s tailored approach accommodated Allcott Hire’s unique business model and resource constraints, enhancing flexibility.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly point-of-sale module simplified transactions and improved customer interactions, boosting efficiency.

Efficient Asset Management

Baseplan’s asset module reduced manual calculations, making accounting processes more efficient and error-free.

Scalability and Future-Proofing

Baseplan’s scalable infrastructure provided confidence for future expansion and acquisitions, aligning with Allcott’s growth goals.

Industry-Wide Familiarity

The widespread use of Baseplan in the industry facilitated smooth acquisitions and seamless integration with existing operations.

With a commitment to dynamic growth and expansion, Allcott Hire remains confident in Baseplan’s ability to adapt and support their evolving needs. The software’s scalability and infrastructure align with their vision for future expansion.

“We are confident that in Baseplan, we have software that can grow with us and have the infrastructure in place for a major expansion of our current size.” – Business Development Manager, Allcott Hire

In an industry marked by consolidation and transformation, Allcott’s partnership with Baseplan exemplifies the power of adaptability and innovation in driving operational efficiency and future-proofing for continued success. Furthermore, the widespread use of Baseplan across the industry facilitates smooth acquisitions, reinforcing Allcott Hire’s confidence in their technology choice.

The asset module of Baseplan has also been very well received by our accounting team. Once you input your data, it pretty much runs itself. You don’t have to go back and recalculate depreciation or anything like that.

Business Development Manager, Allcott Hire

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