Our story

In 1986, Andrew Ferry sparked a revolution. Amidst a rapidly changing technological landscape, he defied norms and established Baseplan. As a forward-thinking support manager in a software company, Andrew sensed the future promise of management and business intelligence software. Unwilling to be confined by the present, he saw the emergence of a transformative era.

Armed with computers less potent than today’s smartphones, Baseplan emerged from a home office. What began as a modest venture rapidly grew into the cornerstone of comprehensive ERP solutions, catering to the rental, fleet, dealership, and construction sectors. Today, it stands as a beacon of innovation, epitomised by the Baseplan system—a management marvel that redefines efficiency and propels profitability.

Baseplan’s boundless enthusiasm propels us to collaborate with top-tier enterprises, nurturing their growth and igniting their potential. Challenges invigorate us, and each day offers a canvas for crafting solutions that uplift our clients to greatness.

Our evolution has been profound. From a trailblazer in rental software, we’ve evolved into a comprehensive suite spanning construction equipment, transportation, and logistics. With our headquarters proudly in New South Wales, Australia, and a robust presence in Houston, Texas, our influence knows no bounds.

Amidst change, one thing remains constant—our commitment to empowering clients. We’re visionaries, achievers, and advocates of software’s ability to elevate businesses.

Join us in shaping a future where technology unleashes potential, rewrites narratives, and propels businesses to not only adapt but thrive.

  • 1986
    Andrew Ferry establishes Ferry Computing Services (FCS).
  • 1987
    FCS transforms into Baseplan Software Pvt Ltd.
  • 2003
    Launch of POS integration.
  • 2005
    Baseplan implemented in its 100th Australian customer.
  • 2006
    Baseplan onboards it’s first international customer.
  • 2010
    Baseplan CRM launched.
  • 2013
    First North American office opens.
  • 2014
    Baseplan mobile app launched.
  • 2016
    Onboards first North American customer
  • 2017
    Baseplan expands into the North American market.
  • 2018
    Baseplan is acquired by Volaris Group.
  • 2019
    BMA Transport & Inspections launched.
  • 2019
    Joe Westhuizen becomes GM.
  • 2020
    BMA Rental launched.
  • 2022
    BMA Service launched.
  • 2022
    Chris McArthur becomes GM.
  • 2023
    AP Automation launched.

Behind every milestone, every achievement, and every success story, there’s a team. At Baseplan, we understand that our journey wouldn’t be possible without the dedication, collaboration, and expertise of our incredible team members.

Our team is the heartbeat of our business, driving innovation, delivering exceptional service, and making the impossible happen. Together, we’ve turned challenges into opportunities, and dreams into realities.

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